Cryptic Street tell their story, and look to the future


One of the up and coming bands from the Maltese Alternative Scene, Cryptic Street, has been making some waves both abroad and ashore our little island.

Janelle, one of the original band members, walked me through the ‘rollercoaster’ ride that has made Cryptic Street what it is today. All the way back in 2011 Janelle and Leona were brought together for an English project. One thing led to another and in a couple of months Janelle and Leona, along with other members, wrote a song that wound up winning a Bay Radio music contest.

The group hit the ground running and they have not shown any sign of stopping. Cryptic Street continued to produce music and even launched their first EP a while back. Since they are a DIY band they do most of their own work, this includes booking gigs and producing music.


The people within a band are what give it its originality and flair. Cryptic Street’s name came about from a quick flipping through of the dictionary. One of the band members, at the time, happened on the word cryptic and the whole band liked the sound of it. With the random addition of the word street, the band’s name was complete. In 2016 Cryptic Street’s current line-up, including Leanne on base and Michelle on drums, travelled to Barcelona to perform a couple of gigs. What initially was a holiday left in shambles turned into a big opportunity for the band, this earned them some exposure.

However, it was late last year when Cryptic Street really upped their game. They were travelling almost every two weeks to the UK to open for different bands. The post-punk group contacted bands that they liked to listen to and asked if they could open for them. Although they thought their chances were slim before they knew it they were performing for bands such as PINS and Acid Mothers Temple.


The band are now fast approaching yet another big milestone, the launch of their new album, Titty Monster. Cryptic Street like to write about their own personal experiences, meaning that their music is a true expression of who they are as individuals. Some of the recurring themes within this new album range from inner-conflict, mental health and sexuality.

Cryptic Street’s girls are very excited for this launch. They had the opportunity to collaborate with many local talents from graphic design to photography and so on. They will be launching their album on the 30th of March. They also have a little surprise coming in April so make sure to watch their space to stay updated.

Written by

Emma Asciak

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Cryptic Street tell their story, and look to the future

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