Tenishia calls for respect towards local DJs


After making a name for himself both on the Maltese Islands and in different countries around the world, Tenishia, a leading Maltese DJ set himself the task to fight for the rights of DJs on the Maltese Islands. Following his outcry, the media started sharing his beliefs and soon after the politicians started to take these issues seriously, going as far as amending their respective manifestos to include changes proposed by Tenishia himself.

The esteemed DJ stood up against the use of a discriminative permit against local DJs which for many years has been making it very difficult for new talents to emerge and succeed. Furthermore it has created one too many obstacles for event organisers in general, blocking a whole lot of opportunities for young talents in Malta. This same permit which was created over twenty years ago puts DJs at a disadvantage when compared to local musicians and bands especially because certain clauses make it too expensive to hire a DJ for an event. While understanding the reason why this permit was set in place, since back in the 90s there were several cases of drug trafficking by certain DJs, Tenishia is a firm believer that things have long evolved since then.

Following his public outcry, the DJ who has managed to achieve great successes globally, has managed to break through to local politicians. Tenishia is currently holding meetings with party leaders to discuss the matter and has also welcomed the Minister responsible for the permits into his studios to openly discuss the issue with him.

Many young adults on the Maltese Islands, as well as all around the globe, have been closely following Tenishia throughout his career. And in fact, the DJ has sparked a growing interest in the production of electronic music. Many have been following his footsteps, some of which are already building a name for themselves abroad. Therefore, it is now more important than ever to give these DJs a space in which they can grow and excel in this style of music rather than finding obstacles every step of the way

It is high time that people, especially those in power, understand that DJ music is also a culture in and within itself. This is why DJs should be given the chance to show off their talent and find opportunities through which they can gain exposure and recognition just as much as any other talented person, choir, band or musician.

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Nicole Borg

Nicole Borg

Nicole Borg is a currently a 4th year student studying Communications and Theatre Studies. She joined Insite as a writer and editor in 2014/2015. Following she progressed to join the media team as Publications Officer in 2015/16. Currently she is the Executive Editor of Insite Malta for the term of 2016/17.

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Tenishia calls for respect towards local DJs

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