The Citizens’ Orchestra is getting ready to perform


The dynamic Portuguese group Ondamarela brings its expertise in large-scale collaborative musical projects to Malta in Ode to Joy – Citizens’ Orchestra. As a group they’ve been conceiving, coordinating and presenting art projects that truly share experiences between participants and audiences. For the celebration of Europe’s Day, Ondamarela have worked with Beethoven’s Symphony No.9 as a metaphor for the concept of a united and peaceful Europe.

Ode to Joy – Citizens’ Orchestra draws on many influences and resources, celebrating humanity. In this unique project a number of amateur and professional musicians from all walks of life come together under the direction of Tim Steiner. It is a concert that aims to unite people and culture through the shared experience of music.

With this numerous ensemble, conductor Tim Steiner and Ricardo Baptista, are creating a unique and therefore original performance. Different groups were put together according to the different instruments, and of course, there are singers too. The ensemble is made up of people who have never had the opportunity to perform before, and there are others who are experienced.

Musicians started meeting up for workshops a couple of months ago. The workshops started right from the basics, learning which gestures mean stop and which mean go, which mean fast and which mean slow. Under Tim Steiner’s direction, harmonies rise and fall from different sides of the room, forming improvised tunes – that was the beginning of it all. Now rehearsals have reached their final stages. Musicians will be meeting up for the final production week, in which the final arrangements and preparations are made. There’s an infectious community spirit!

The concert will be held on the 14th May, starting at 19:00 and it will be taking place at Pjazza Teatru Rjal in Valletta. Everyone is welcome to join in and enjoy this unique experience.

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Sarah Cassar Dymond

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The Citizens’ Orchestra is getting ready to perform

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