Metal band Sahhar is back!


Saħħar is coming back with a brand new album. The band will be performing at Kick-start rock bar on March 26th at 5:30pm. Insite met Marton Saliba, the lead singer and founder of Saħħar to talk about his music and his inspirations.

Can you give me a short background about the band?

Saħħar started around the summer of 2006. All it was meant to be was to give a little more than a name to the songs that I was already writing by then. I spent up to 2010 working on a new release every year until I took a hiatus for a few years due to private setbacks. It was around 2012 where I started writing new material until 2013. I have been releasing a major release ever since. My first live performance was in June of 2015 and I have performed a few times on a stage since then. While there were some variances over the years, Saħħar always wrote songs with Black Metal being the genre in mind, and most of the songs have their lyrical content written in Maltese. Including the next album, I have 3 official Albums (+ another informal release album), with 10 releases overall, totalling to 81 tracks (including re-recordings and covers).

How is the band organised?

Saħħar is Marton Saliba and all song writings, recording and mixing is done by myself. For live performances there is Blutaxt on bass and P.Psychosis on guitar. The Eldritch takes care of managerial affairs regarding the rehearsal space, scheduling and logistics. A new guitarist is currently being assessed to be added to the line up. No live drums so far, the role taken by a drum machine for now. For financial and PR matters, I leave it in the hands of my wife Kristina whenever possible.

Usually, I take around a few months to work primarily on the next major release, and then I spend the rest rehearsing with the band members.

How would you describe the new album?

This album is both the longest, and possibly the most diverse. It stands as a reminder of the 10 years of Saħħar’s successes and is meant to be a hallmark of the band, thus being the most representative of its mind-set, and song writing potential… and it is as metal as I would go so far.

What was your inspiration?

I cannot pinpoint my inspirations from the musical sense, since a lot of them are impromptu riffs, which I made up and enjoyed playing, so I turned them into fully structured songs. As for the lyrical context, the main inspiration is death, both from a material point-of-view and its relation with the cosmos (which as it turns out, is very little). Most consider even mentioning death as a taboo but I embraced the concept and I wrote enough lyrical material to supplement even more future music.

How is your current music different from the past music?

As time goes by, a person matures. From a musical and production perspective, I had a lot to mature over the years, and the differences between the first tracks and the current ones are staggering. Earlier albums had a more ‘testing’ approach, always trying to push some new personal boundary. Today I know my abilities, and I capitalise on them while working on more. Same goes for the production, since it was awful and downright primitive in the past, compared to the next one where an actual formal approach towards production is taken.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

I am planning to hit the stage a few times in Malta, and hopefully abroad. I do not have much detail on the latter, but all I can say so far is: we are playing in Verona (Italy) later this year. I am also writing new material, and rewriting some unpublished songs (of which I have a lot), and not all are of the same genre so I might have to segregate those under a different title. Overall, I have quite the schedule ahead of me and I think I will be occupied with it for quite a while, and I am glad for it.

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Metal band Sahhar is back!

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