What is this Monotony?

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During the Medieval ages there were great changes in English society, including the music played during the medieval times. Medieval music included religious or secular music of the church.

These violent times left a mark on the world, leading to a primitive society lacking elegance and refinement. Society was also changing due to a number of influences which came from many foreign cultures, the Crusaders prompted travel which lead to a new extraordinary interest in beautiful object, elegant manners, poetry and music.

The earliest Medieval Music was first performed in unison. The notes were usually the same length and sung, or played, in the Key of C. Harmony was gradually introduced and by the 12th century a system of music notation developed which specified the length of each note and also the pitch.

A great variety of musical instruments were used in the production of Medieval Music, coming from three categories of musical instruments in the middle Ages - woodwind, string and percussion.

Woodwind Instruments

Musical instruments which use wind to make a sound, like trumpets or bagpipes.

String Instruments

Musical instruments which were played with a bow or plucked.

Percussion Instruments

Various forms of drums and bells which were used during the medieval times.

Although the majority of the music was secular, there was also quite a growth in entertainment for both the rich and the poor. Royalty and courts employed their own musicians in order to provide entertainment and by time even the towns started employing their own musicians and bands.

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What is this Monotony?

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