Film Review: Piranhas 3D

Piranhas 3D  has been strategically released in theatres at the end of Summer, just in time for us to be able to enjoy watching people being ravished by the unnaturally vicious piranhas without feeling uneasy that the same thing might happen to us the next day at the beach. However, Piranhas 3D is not just about the cannibalistic, big-jawed fish. It is also about tequila, naked Spring break celebrations and above all, the comedy that is so ingeniously entrenched in this action-thriller movie.
Piranhas 3D, directed by Alexandre Aja, is the second remake of the American comedy horror film of 1978, which was itself a parody of the 1975 film Jaws. Piranhas 3D starts off with the death of a local fisherman who is ripped apart by a school of piranhas which has emerged from the deep underground. Initially, Piranhas 3D plays the role of a horror movie; however, the mood lightens up as soon as we meet the main actors, who are instantly recognizable to fans of TV series. Steven R. McQueen (Vampire Diaries) plays the main character of Jake, the teenager who is stuck at home babysitting his siblings while all his friends are enjoying the Spring Break celebrations at the beach. We also meet his best friend (and crush), Jessica Szohr (Gossip Girl) who is also one of the main characters. Interestingly enough, an actual pornstar, Riley Steele, was also casted to play the part of a… pornstar, along with Kelly Brook. All these characters somehow end up in the same boat, fighting for survival, among other things… There is death, horror, humour and the more-than-occasional naked pornstar all rolled up in one film. One cannot help but laugh at the male genetelia barfed by the piranhas, but at the same time stare in horror as the piranhas viciously attack anyone in their way. Additionally, one thing that we learn from this film is that, when the authorities tell you to get the hell out of the water, you really, really should!
All in all, one can say that this film does keep you on the edge of your seat. Although at times predictable and cheesy, it does have those really good moments which will make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. Inarguably, this film has been a critical and commercial success, so much so that ‘Dimension Films’ has announced a sequel in the works. It has also declared a poll for fans to choose which celebrity they would like to see in the film. I have decided to award this film three and a half stars out of five, just because Steven R. McQueen struck my fancy, and also for those moments which actually made me want to look away and hide my face in my best friend’s jacket.

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Isabelle Sammut

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Film Review: Piranhas 3D

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