A mesmerizing exploration of 21st Century Identity through Dance

As the excited crowd shuffles into the theatre, we are greeted by the lone figure of Gabriel Natán Velazco Robbe standing motionless on stage, exposed only by a dim light. I barely notice anything happening, being busy complaining about the depth of the seats and their incompatibility with my height, until I hear the mumbling in the auditorium start to die down.


Top 10 Songs of 2016 by Local Artists

Forget Ira Losco’s Walk on Water. These were the best local songs of the past year according to Marilyn Aquilina.


Pentatonix. The rise of A-cappella

Good news! Pentatonix, the a-cappella quintet from Texas, has recorded its own version of Hallelujah and it is included in its new Christmas album.


Food for Thought

What has a round shape, is really sweet both inside and out, becomes an absolute mess in summer and is represented by the colours red and white? Exactly! A Maltese…r.


What is this Monotony?

During the Medieval ages there were great changes in English society, including the music played during the medieval times. Medieval music included religious or secular music of the church.


Malta International Organ Festival

The Malta International Organ Festival is one of Malta’s largest events during this time of year for those who love art and classical music. The festival brings together world famous musicians in Malta together with the best music written for the organ.


UOM Student Brings Bollywood to Malta

Meet Aarti Shah, a young Londoner currently studying Medicine at the University of Malta. As an international student, Shah decided to create a home away from home by setting up Bollywood Malta to communicate her love for dance and to share her passion for Hindu culture with others.


Taking Malta's music scene to London!

Malta Takes London (MTL) unites local artists with other established Maltese artists who travel to perform at an event which takes place in London. This is an event full of acts linked to Malta, which was created to welcome a variety of acts from different genres. To date MTL has welcomed over 20 acts.