Local comedy food page comes up with a perfect Dwejra send-off


How do you succinctly manage to capture the pathos of the Azure Window’s tumbling just 48 hours after the fact? For one insanely skilled Facebook page, it was through pulverised figolli, kwarezimal and halva floating in a plate of blue Curaçao liqueur with meringue standing in for sea foam.

Immortality has traditionally been one of the main reasons of art since it has tended to survive both the artist and the depicted subject matter. But using food as a medium for art toys with this idea, adding impermanence to the creation. What’s more, if the creation isn’t destroyed and eaten, one isn’t getting the full experience.

And in this respect, the three and a half minute video has done what no other reaction has yet managed to do – come to terms with the way of the world. The geological timescale is difficult for humans to comprehend; to rocks decades are what to humans seconds are. The tertiary period limestone that was eroded into the arch formed some 65 million years ago. Over those 65 million years erosion has shaped the window’s entire ‘lifespan’, from birth to death. In some respects, we should consider ourselves immensely lucky that with a period ranging from thousands of years in the past to thousands of years in the future, we are reminded of the impermanence of even the very limestone that forms the earth beneath us in our lifetime.

Of course, Gastronawta, in his wisdom, comes to grips with the reality that all that has been created must be destroyed only seconds after he finishes his masterpiece, annihilating his creation with one swift strike of a spoon, before re-homing the edible limestone in the churning depths of his stomach.

Gastronawta started making the rounds 3 years ago after Għonq il-Majjal came out in prime barbecue season, with its mix of deliriously poetic Maltese narration and deadpan humour earning it a cult following.

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Charles Mercieca

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Local comedy food page comes up with a perfect Dwejra send-off

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