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Being one of those people whose YouTube subscription list is almost endless, picking the channels I enjoy the most was quite the daring task. My free time is constantly invaded by a marathon of new videos posted every day by my favourite YouTube creators, resulting in my personal reality: watching more content online than on a physical television set. Able to cater for any taste or preference, there are countless YouTube videos ready to entertain and inspire you, so here are a few channels worth subscribing to.

SourceFed and SourceFedNerd

Subscribers: 1.5 million (SourceFed), over 800k (SourceFedNerd)

Starting off with a solidly good comedy show, the SourceFed channel created by YouTuber Philip De Franco has now expanded into a second channel called SourceFedNerd. A cast of young and hilarious comedians report on news stories and current affairs in their own special way on the main channel, while the second channel includes completely non-scripted videos of bantering between the cast members; ranging from Cards Against Humanity tournaments to Truth or Dare challenges, and their most popular SourceFedNerd Q&A show ‘Table Talk’.

Good Mythical Morning

Subscribers: 7.5 million

Comedy duo and long-time best friends Rhett and Link started out posting funny sketches and music videos, but are nowadays known more for their daily YouTube show Good Mythical Morning. What I would term as a more humorous version of Mythbusters, the show features Rhett and Link engaging in experiments which tackle commonly known scientific myths. Each episode of the show then takes the form of a chilled-out interview or challenge video on their other channel Good Mythical More, which has welcomed numerous special guests including PewdiePie and Daniel Radcliffe.

Fine Brothers Entertainment


Subscribers: 12.7 million (Fine Brothers), 4.6 million (REACT)

Seeing people of all ages reacting to pop culture never gets old. The enjoyment of seeing others witnessing something controversial or viral for the first time is taken to a whole new level by creative brothers Benny and Rafi Fine. Their main channel consists of an extremely popular video series of reactions by kids, teenagers, elders and YouTubers, whilst their recently-launched second channel provides bonus reactions as well as video game competitions between the cast of reactors. Not only is the genuinely funny content from the brothers always consistent, but they have now evolved as household names through their Nickelodeon TV show ‘React To That’.

Grace Helbig

Subscribers: 2.5 million

Starting out as an actress in commercials and doing stand-up comedy, Grace Helbig is now one of the most famous female YouTubers and has her own TV chat show on E! Entertainment. Her down-to-earth and humorous demeanour is appealing to fans worldwide, and even the simplest of her rambling videos with absolutely no content plan is enjoyable. Her hilarious and unreservedly honest take on pop culture and current affairs keeps viewers wanting to see more of Grace, who has also published a comedy life-guide book, and created a successful podcast show interviewing other YouTubers entitled ‘Not Too Deep’.


Subscribers: 4 million

Thank goodness for educational channels getting their deserved recognition and following. Canadian couple Mitchell and Gregory take everything boring we remember about science class, and turn it into short, enjoyable and interesting informational videos which seek to answer your standard existential questions such as ‘Which Came First – The Egg or The Chicken?’, ‘What If Humans Disappeared?’, and ‘Do Periods Actually Make Women Moody?’. If you need to gain some general knowledge and actually learn something while wasting time browsing YouTube videos, subscribing to ASAP Science is a good idea.


Subscribers: 1.4 million

British vloggers have become the mainstream figures of guaranteed popularity on YouTube, but Louis Cole from Surrey paved the way for a very different type of video blogging – one focused on travelling across the globe. With amazing editing, a carefree sense of exploration and a feast for the eyes of world landmarks, Cole uploads a travel vlog every day, and is also planning to embark on a complete worldwide adventure, filming it all the way for National Geographic. Whether you have wanderlust, or need inspirational pick-me-up videos while stuck at home, Louis’ videos are right up your alley.


Subscribers: 8.7 million

By far one of my personal favourite channels for a while, WatchMojo has grown into arguably the most popular channel with regards to film, music and pop culture in general. Uploading multiple top 10 lists daily, based on both user votes and expert suggestions, the channel has gained a cult following in a short span of time, and has recently introduced new video series including top 10s about everything YouTube and the ambitious Best Movies of All Time lists divided according to genre or decade of release.

The Reel Rejects

Subscribers: over 200k

The smallest channel on this list led by film and video game enthusiast Ryan Right, a diverse group of people (very much similar to SourceFed) react to trailers, review movies and do the occasional ‘Try Not To Laugh’ challenges. Although this summary of Reel Rejects might sound like any other YouTube channel of the same content style, its hilarious and excitable cast make it stand out. Expect very loud, passionate and relatable reactions from this channel’s constantly uploaded videos, as well as great chemistry between all the reactors.

Jeremy Jahns

Subscribers: over 800k

I enjoy Chris Stuckmann’s film reviews a great deal since he gives very insightful opinions, but the always energetic and often humorous delivery by Jeremy Jahns is the cherry on the movie review cake. Bluntly honest and never trying to be over the top, Jahns will most surely sway your opinion on a movie before you see it. Even though his content is simply movie reviews they are never boring, and genuinely feel like hearing your best friend unreservedly rant about a movie they have just watched.

Screen Junkies

Subscribers: 4.5 million

Even though you might have never heard of the name of this channel, at one point you must have come across one of their viral videos in the Honest Trailers series. Apart from cleverly telling you everything wrong with your favourite blockbusters, Screen Junkies upload numerous film discussions and engage in Movie Fights by comparing each of their opinions and choices for a given movie theme. Always entertaining, intelligent and on point, if you are a cinephile like me make sure you subscribe to these guys.

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Johann Agius

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