Call for Action for Local Change Makers by Leader of European Green Party

Image: Naomi Bugre

Leader of the European Green party calls all activists and believers to explore the vision of the European Green party in a local context.

During a Change Makers conference organised by Alternattiva Demokratika last Saturday Ska Keller, co-leader of the European parliament’s Green Party, was visiting Malta as part of her tour of Europe. Her aim is to unite the Green Parties in anticipation of the European Parliament elections in May.

The European party has recently released a 12-point manifesto, outlining the party’s priorities. These include the fight against climate change, guaranteeing decent minimum income, fighting gender discrimination and tax justice.

As things stand “a small shop pays more tax than big companies” said Carmel Cacopardo, Chairperson of the local Green Party Alternattiva Demokratika, when questioned about the Tax Justice priorities of the Greens in relation to Malta’s favourable tax regime. He insisted that the issue of unfair tax competition must be addressed in Europe.

Cacopardo, stated that these twelve areas are very topical for Malta. He added that AD plans to work on issues such as the protection of natural public spaces, democratic issues such as the regulation of lobbying, political accountability and the entrenchment of a solidarity clause in EU law with regards to migration.

It was further stated that environmental issues and social justice are interdependent, and that AD shares in the vision of the European Greens to build a greener economy and fight against climate change.

During the event’s panel discussion, local MEP candidate Mina Tolu expressed the need for the Government to work on raising the basic minimum wage to one that is “enough to meet people’s needs”. It was explained that the vision of the party is to expose how the atomisation of work can be beneficial in raising minimum salaries but also giving persons more free time since “machines do not need to be paid”.

The panel then discussed issues of sustainability and its link to migration. This includes the need for safe and legal avenues to seek asylum by migrants risking their lives crossing the Mediterranean. As well as local integration issues.

The panel also featured writer and editor of Isles of the Left Raisa Galea, Chairperson of the Foundation for Shelter and Support to Migrants Dr Ahmed Bugre and local journalist James Debono who moderated the discussion.

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Naomi Bugre

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Call for Action for Local Change Makers by Leader of European Green Party

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