Students shoot the hoops for social inclusion

Image: Pierre Sammut

The fourth edition of “Shooting Hoops for Social Inclusion”, an annual event organised by Pulse aimed at uniting various University students and promoting social inclusion through sports, took place yesterday. In this event, students put themselves in the shoes of a person with a disability and experienced sport from a different perspective.

Pulse’s President Owen Grech told Insite Malta that youths should lead by example and not discriminate against anyone, for whatever reason. Additionally, he stated that for the fourth year, Pulse is increasing awareness on social inclusion.

In a press release, Pulse claimed that as an organisation they feel that the message put across throughout the years has been well transmitted. They stated that “the need to live in a more inclusive society is compulsory, and everyone should play his part in mainstreaming disability at the end of the day”. They added that this event seeks to pass on a message of encouragement to everyone, that of believing you can achieve great results when maximum effort is put.

Grech thanked all the organisations that participated in the event, the Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sport and Voluntary Organisations Dr Clifton Grima, and Parliamentary Secretary for Persons with Disability and Active Ageing Anthony Agius Decelis who attended the event.

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Michela Cutajar

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Students shoot the hoops for social inclusion

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