Free Course on Practical Approaches in Media Literacy


On the 1st and 8th of December the Knowledge Innovation Centre is hosting a free course on Practical Approaches in Media Literacy.

The Innovation Centre has noticed a lack of critical analysis of news and online information in young people. Their solution is a short course consisting of both online and workshop activities.

This course is aimed towards anyone who interacts with groups of eager young people on a frequent basis. Those in attendance will learn how teach media literacy to young people and how to set up a classroom media centre.

Martin Debatista, a senior academic at the Institute of Tourism Studies (Malta) and a visiting lecturer at the University of Malta will be teaching the course.

If you are interested in signing up simply click here.

For further information you may contact Ivana Stanojev, KIC Media in Action project associate, on


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Emma Asciak

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Free Course on Practical Approaches in Media Literacy

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