Shakeinstein: Science meets arts


Have you ever wanted to learn about science related topics but felt that they were always too boring? STEAM Summer School has the solution for you.

This Friday the 6th of July at 19:30, STEAM Summer School will be putting on Shakeinstein on Stage. Shakeinstein is a combination of the medium of theatre used to educate audiences about science. The itinerary covers diverse topics such as, “How Fake News can be Overcome” and “How Batteries will Save the World”. If you wish to learn more about Shakeinstein click here.

STEAM is made up of teachers, students, undergraduates and even entrepreneurs who work together to communicate science and many other interesting topics through the art of theatre. These participants have written their own scripts and even built their own props to make their talks all the more entertaining.

The participants have all undergone a 10 – day intensive course in which they were taught about how media can communicate research through the arts.

To incorporate more fun into this learning experienced STEAM will also be hosting a Science themed party at Tigulgio called Sick of Science. This event will follow up a short science filmed series as well as science inspired stand-up comedy. This will all take place at 5pm Tuesday 10th July at St Gregory’s Club Lounge, Sliema. If this event interests you click here.

To wrap up the summer school STEAM will also be hosting a STEAM Teacher Seminar which will be filled with talks on science topics by some of the teachers within STEAM. This will take place on the 13th July, Aula Magna, University of Malta Valletta Campus. For more information on this event click here.

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Emma Asciak

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Shakeinstein: Science meets arts

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