Kris Bajada clarifies and rebuts on his proposed carpark scheme


Kris Bajada, the independent President candidate for the KSU elections, earlier on today focused on the idea of building a carpark beneath the University Track at tal-Qroqq during the KSU Elections 2018 Presidential Candidate Grilling. This led to questioning the proposal’s viability, and the overall experience of the candidate who has, as of yet, been absent from the KSU electoral sphere.

In a PR sent for clarification after the debate, Bajada posited that this was also proposed by the Planning Authority who pointed out that there were funds which could be used to implement this project. The architect said that this would create space for 58 parking spaces and Mr Buttigieg, Authority Executive Chairman of the P.A. said that this is a good opportunity to reduce the parking problem in the area, both for students, staff and locals.

The debated proposal reads: “To propose the construction of an eco-friendly underground or aboveground carpark sustained mainly by solar panels together with retail outlets and small residential units for students with the private sector.”

Bajada ended by pointing out that both organisations stated that this was not possible, while the PA was saying otherwise. He added that leading the KSU does not only require experience, but also a search for opportunities as well as thinking ‘outside the box’.

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Kris Bajada clarifies and rebuts on his proposed carpark scheme

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