PL and PN activists wage facebook war on campus


After party leaders went head to head in a heated debate, PL and PN protesters clashed on the university’s quadrangle area.

As the confrontation was taking a violent turn, SDM president and current gunnies world record holder for the longest facebook job history, Gabriel Micallef, posted a fresh passive aggressive facebook status.

Luckily this helped to dissolve the violent tensions, as all PN activists flocked to facebook to like the status, while the PL apostles huddled up to discuss which ONE news item they were going to like and share in response.

As both groups came back to their senses, PULSE and SDM chants ensued. The chants persisted, until both parties recalled their recent plea that there should be no relation between the respective student organizations and political parties.

As the chants dwindled, PL activists could be seen hiding their orange wristbands, while PN demonstrators were hastily crossing their hands in an attempt to hide the SDM logo embroidered on their polo shirt.

Later in the day, both ONE and NET news covered the clash calling it one of the biggest acts of disobedience in modern times, only comparable to the Rodney King riots and the Arab spring.

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Jean Teuma

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PL and PN activists wage facebook war on campus

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