Want to do better in exams? Start eating healthy food


The most common New Year’s resolution that people make is the infamous “diet” . Three weeks in how is it holding up? Especially being a UoM student dealing with exam stress and all Amazing? Yeah, didn’t think so. But as you are downing the last potato chip at 2am whilst binging on your notes thinking all hope is lost for a healthier you, know it actually isn’t. Here are a few tips that can keep you full of energy when studying whilst knowing you’re not going to gain a couple of Kilos at the end of the month.

Have Breakfast

It is important to start the day of right, that means to have a good healthy breakfast. Having breakfast helps jump start our body’s metabolism, the rate that our body turns food into energy. Apart from that, studies have proven that not skipping out on breakfast contributes to better memory and concentration. In other words, YES, having breakfast can help you do better in exams. Most people skip breakfast because they would be too busy to run out of the house to get to work or school. Not skipping out on breakfast is as simple as putting an oat bar or fruit in your bag and eating it on your morning commute or when you arrive at your destination.

Drink Water

Hands down a majority of people consume much less water in winter than they do in summer. Constantly drinking water apart from keeping us hydrated, helps to keep us feeling full. This in turn may suppress a hunger attack making us reach for the first thing we find and devouring it. Not staying hydrated may contribute to slower brain speed, fatigue, focus issues, headaches amongst other things. Forgot your water at home? There are plenty of water fountains KSU has installed around Campus, so you have no excuses here.

Add Fibre

Ok, I have to admit this is going to take a slight effort from your part. If you’re going to snack try snacking on foods that are high in fibre. Foods high in fibre help keep you full for longer periods of time and are generally good for you. This means put down the potato chips and pick up a bag of dried fruits and nuts.

Beware The Sugars

Nothing helps us get through an all nighter like a supply of Red Bull or a Pitcher of hot piping coffee. What we tend to ignore is the amount of sugars incorporated in the drinks or that we add ourselves to make it more bearable. The trick here is to try as much as possible to reduce the amount of sugars we consume. If you’re going to buy an energy drink, go for the sugar free option. Adding two teaspoons of sugar? Add one instead. Your body will thank you with these gradual reductions in sugar.

Prepare Your Food Beforehand

Spending an all-nighter in common room? Come prepared with food. And by that I don’t mean Marshmallows, M&Ms , Pringles and what not. Before leaving home cut a few fruits and veggies up. If possible, make a packed lunch. The secret here is knowing how to fill yourself up with good stuff and having more at hand, so that when Common Room starts to get full of take away bags and pizza boxes you happily get out your lunch box and start eating (saving a couple of euros in the process too).

P.S. Goodluck with your exams!

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Want to do better in exams? Start eating healthy food

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