7 Suggestions for KSU Students' Fest 2017


From Beauty & The Beast to Sister Act, countless classics have been transformed into the annual edition of the KSU Students’ Fest by students at the University of Malta. 2017 will be no exception, as we arrive ever closer to the preparations for those Sir Temi Zammit Hall performances we’ve all grown to look forward to every year. But what should KSU take on as source material this time round? Here are a few of our suggestions.

1. Mary Poppins

Just a spoonful of sugar makes the University stress go down. Imagine how cool the chimney sweep dance numbers would look! We’re still not sure about how the cartoon animals and a flying Mary Poppins can be featured, but knowing KSU they can find a way somehow.

2. Hairspray

With a strong social message of integration, a powerful set of iconic songs and timeless choreography, Students’ Fest could definitely reach new heights with this retro musical. There might be some serious damage to the ozone layer though.


3. Matilda

One of the most beloved modern musicals about a gifted young girl who has to overcome plenty of obstacles in order to succeed. Isn’t that what studying at University is all about?

4. Peter Pan

There have been many Disney adaptations on the Students’ Fest stage, but there are still a couple more to explore. Along with Peter Pan, KSU can also consider Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid or even Frozen (but only if it has a hilarious parody of ‘Let It Go’).

5. Sweeney Todd

Why shouldn’t KSU go a little dark every once in a while? The charmingly creepy tale of a barber gone murderer leaves a huge room for imagination for the production team to enjoy working on.


6. Wicked

Students’ Fest has already taken on The Wizard of Oz in the past, but this timeless story could use a KSU revamp, especially if it’s a version that draws inspiration from the awesome musical Wicked.

7. Rocky Horror Picture Show

This would be a fantastically controversial choice, but also one with potentially outstanding results. With a killer triple-threat cast, the Denis & Steve Horror Picture Show would surely grab everyone’s attention.


Honorable Mention: Mulan

We already gave Disney adaptations a spot on the list, but we feel this one could be extremely innovative and powerful on stage. Plus, who wouldn’t love to hear I’ll Make a Man out of You at Sir Temi Zammit Hall again after its inclusion in Hercules: Citta di Nanza?

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Johann Agius

Johann Agius

Johann Agius is a fourth year law student who is currently the CEO of Insite after fulfilling the roles of Public Relations Officer and External Relations Officer in previous years. He joined Insite as a writer and photographer in 2013 and was elected in the executive for the first time a year later.

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7 Suggestions for KSU Students' Fest 2017

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