Mina Tolu announced as IGLYO's new Communications Officer

Mina Tolu, the President of We Are, has been co-Opted as IGLYO’s new Communications Officer. Insite writer Melissa McElhatton interviews her to discover what this role consists of:

**1.       ****What is IGLYO?**

IGLYO is the International LGBTQ Youth & Student Organisation. It is an umbrella organisation which has over 80 member organisations in the pan-European region; and both We Are & MGRM are members from Malta. IGLYO’s approach promotes cooperation and joint strategies, and often advocates on behalf of Members to international bodies, institutions and other organisations.

**2.       **** As Communications Officer, what will your role entail?**

I'm basically responsible for the external communications of the organisation. It's a lot of online work, like taking care of the website, and social media sites, as well as drafting media releases on pressing issues and statements on behalf of the organisation. I've been co-opted to the role, due to the resignation of their co-chair, and will be holding the post till December 2014.

**3.       **** What happens after December ?**

There is an election for new board members at the General Assembly in Dublin in November.

**4.       ****Are you thinking of applying as a candidate, especially since you would have already had experience ?**

Possibly. I am just happy to be part of such an amazing organisation for now, and I knew it was something I could commit to, till December for sure.

**5.       ****What are you looking forward to most?**

I have a few ideas that I want to implement which I think will really work well, thanks to IGLYO's large number of member organisations across Europe. They are obviously related to communications, but I can't say much more for now. I'm especially looking forward to finishing my exams next week, so I can concentrate on receiving a proper handover from the previous Communications Officer.

I do think the biggest challenge is going to be getting used to the way everyone works together within IGLYO, as the majority of our meetings are done online. I'm very used to my own organisation; having founded We Are, I have grown accustomed to what we do, and how we do it. Obviously these things change, and I will probably have to acclimatise myself to some intercultural differences too, as we're from all corners of Europe.

**6.       ****Do you have any final statements?**

It's a bit overwhelming right now. IGLYO is an amazing organisation, one which I've always looked up to. They have given so much to We Are, and helped us grow in so many ways, thanks to their training sessions, and connecting us to other organisations. I hope I manage to give back in my own way, and help other organisations, which perhaps are starting up in their own countries, and make a big change.


Insite would like to congratulate Mina for being co-opted as Communications Officer for IGLYO. Good luck in all your endeavours and may this be a wonderful and fulfilling experience.

More information on IGLYO is available at <a href="http://www.iglyo.com/" target="_blank">www.iglyo.com</a>

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Melissa McElhatton

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Mina Tolu announced as IGLYO's new Communications Officer

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