Apologia Pro Scripto Meo

Before we get into the substance of the matter, one should notice that this discussion isn’t the first about the same topic – the Freedom of Speech, of Expression.


MUDU’s debut debate discusses the student-university relationship

The first ever debate organised by the University of Malta Debating Union (MUDU) saw a fruitful discussion answering the debate question: ‘Does the University of Malta live up to your expectations?’


Being factual doesn't entail amorality

I am proud to have formed part of the GħSL Policy Team during these past months, and the work and effort done by the people with regards to the Euthanasia project has been nothing short of astounding.



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Episode 17 - Brainstorming

Join Kwadranglu’s Johann Agius as he discusses the recent Brainstorming campaign with Insite’s Mel McElhatton and BetaPsi’s