Girls Like That - exploring gender stereotypes through theatre

The instant you set foot in the BLUE BOX theatre at the MSPACE in Msida you hear a cacophony of girls’ voices chattering about on top of each other, their cell phones going off at random times, easily setting you in the mood of the play Girls Like That.


The silent battle with an eating disorder

Anorexia Nervosa, the food restriction and calorie counting obsession disorder and Bulimia, binge eating and compensating mostly by inducing vomit, excessive exercises or laxatives are two of the most popular and widely experienced eating disorders. Many have died from the severities of such disorders, however various others have managed to slowly recover, including Miriana Testaferrata de’ Noto.


Actually, there will not be a whole course on Eurovision at UoM

Yesterday social media was dominated by headlines announcing that the University of Malta was to launch a new course in October focused solely on the Eurovision Song Contest.



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Episode 17 - Brainstorming

Join Kwadranglu’s Johann Agius as he discusses the recent Brainstorming campaign with Insite’s Mel McElhatton and BetaPsi’s