SiGMA where future employers and graduates meet

One of the main aims behind this year’s edition of the Summit of iGaming Malta (SiGMA) was to organise a conference that brings together the best multi-national gaming companies in an environment that fosters the sector’s constant growth.


Why is the education system failing us?

Receiving an education is one of the highest priorities on the agenda as soon as a child is born, particularly on this small archipelago of ours. In fact, someone who does not attend school is considered to be illiterate and is seen as an outcast in society, with close to no chance of survival when compared to all their smart and highly educated peers. But at the end of the day, which person is the most equipped in life?



Death wanted to play a game. He sought out a child lingering in sleep, reeking of innocence, brimming with life. He found a boy, curled up in a ball, dreaming of what could be. Death made a piece of paper, and on it he wrote a message. He folded it twice and kissed it. When the paper parted his lips, Death placed it in the child’s pocket.


11 Questions Soon-To-Be Graduates Ask Themselves

The University of Malta will soon be dominated by graduates sporting their sloganed shirts and making absolutely everyone aware of their achievement, despite the Rector’s warnings to moderate campus celebrations. But ahead of the much-awaited graduation ceremony at Sir Temi Zammit Hall, what are the anxiety-driven doubts of the typical almost-graduate?



Do you think the voting age in all national elections should be lowered to that of 16?

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Episode 17 - Brainstorming

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